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Have you ever wondered if your business is Pinterest ready?

We all know that Pinterest is a great way to be found, but sometimes our business is not the right fit, so you don’t want to be spending time on a platform that you won’t get the return on your investment, whether monetary or time spent.

In this blog post, I am going to share with you my 3 top ways on how to tell if your business is Pinterest ready, so you can decide for yourself if Pinterest is where you should be focusing.

Pinterest Ready Number #1 – Website

You must have and run your own website, it can’t be a website that is part of a bigger network, such as MLM websites.

The reason being is that you will need to have full access to your website and the backend, so you can add plugins such as Google Analytics and Pinterest.

These plugins are a must and will show where visitors are being directed from to your website and what posts are performing the best so you can do more of them 🙂

Pinterest Ready Number #2 – Content

Pinterest is all about the user experience and with good reason, they are now receiving more than 400 million people to their platform every month, which is incredible!

So, regularly creating new and fresh content, and it can be any content such as blog posts, YouTube videos and podcasts as long as they are added to your website so you have all content and URL’s going to your website.

Plus, having YouTube videos or podcasts transcribed onto your website is awesome SEO juice for Google too – win-win!

Pinterest Ready Number #3 – Opt-In

I highly recommend having a free opt-In/lead magnet on your website (it doesn’t have to be all singing and dancing, and Canva has some amazing templates that you can use!).

That way when a visitor lands onto your site this will entice them to hand over their email address, where you can share with them helpful/valuable information about the subject that you are an authority on and it helps them learn about it in your freebie.

Plus, if you decide to sell a product or service, they will be more likely to purchase as they already know you and trust you.

Pinterest Ready Bonus #4 – Email Sequence

Carrying on from the freebie is to have a welcome email sequence, again, you do not need anything fancy, I have mine set up with Flodesk, which I highly recommend as they make the most beautiful emails ever!  

I recommend creating 4 or 5 emails so that your new subscribers can find out more about you, get lots of value and in the process purchase something from you, even if they don’t, they will certainly have increased their trust in you and when the time is ready you will make a sale.



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