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Self Care Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Do you practice self-care?

For my first blog post I’m not going to share any tips on how to use Pinterest to grow your business, or why hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant (VA) although I will at a later stage 😉

I believe that if we are in business, then we should always make sure we look after ourselves, especially if we are a Solopreneur, and working all the hours and all the roles!

I am sure you have heard of Self-Care Sunday, but I feel we should do something every. single. day. to help keep ourselves grounded and nurtured.

So, here are the ways I perform self-care daily…


I have set my phone and tablet screen time to be off between 9pm and 8am the next day that way I don’t get up and mindlessly scroll and wonder where the last hour has gone!

This has helped me to get some of my chores done before the day starts and prepares me to be in a more productive mood.

It’s easy to change your settings on the iPhone under screen time, it will also show you how much time you spend on your phone for social media, productivity, entertainment, etc.

It seems for me WhatsApp is my biggest time waste… 

What is your waste of time?

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For those who haven’t heard of Morning Pages, this was a system devised by writer Julia Cameron of the Artists Way, and she writes 3 pages of longhand writing of anything that comes to mind, it doesn’t have to make sense; but it needs to be out of your head.

Doing my morning pages really helps me to get things that have been buzzing around in my head out, you might even find you get some amazing idea’s pop out.

I have found that the days I don’t do them my day is less productive, and I feel that my day doesn’t go exactly to plan in terms of what I wanted to get done, and I always have tasks left over for the next day.

“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”

Gustave Flaubert


This is a biggie for me. I turned off all notifications to my email, Instagram, Facebook (although I now have taken it off my phone).

I found the constant bell when something arrived was too distracting and I was constantly looking at my phone and not doing what I needed to do.

Sarah from XOSARAH.com shared this suggestion, if you can’t stop scrolling sites like Instagram or Facebook, then delete off your phone at a particular time and then re-install the next day.  That way you can’t easily use them.



Any exercise is so good for us because it boosts serotonin levels which make us happier, helps with weight loss if that is something you are looking for, it can also help increase energy levels.

One of my favourite things to do is yoga, I love the feeling of a good stretch, especially in the mornings, to get the blood pumping after being in bed for 7/8 hours.

A good app I have found is Down Dog, which is a paid subscription, but has a free version and you can do it anywhere, all you need is a mat and yourself! It’s great for beginners through to advanced.


There is nothing better than having a wallow in a bath with my favourite bubble bath (FYI Aromatic Foaming Bath from Neal’s Yard)  I love the sensation of the hot water on my skin and the scent of the bubble’s.

And if I am feeling really in need of extra comfort, I will light candles. 

Can’t go wrong with a candle or two!


Since getting my Kindle I can’t believe the amount I have read.

Reading helps me to relax, a bit of escapism from any stresses I might be experiencing that day, plus also for growing my business as there are such wonderful business, self-improvement and self-help books available.

If you’re not so into reading, then getting the audiobook version might be what you need and that would work wonderfully whilst in bath time mode.


I am lucky that I have two dogs that need walking every single day (although I’m not so happy when it’s raining!).

But it gives me the opportunity to get out into nature regularly and we are very lucky to have some beautiful parks and woods locally.

The colour green has been shown that it can improve our mental health by having a calming effect on our mind.

Even without the green colour, just the act of being outside and getting some fresh air is cleansing to the mind and body.

What ways do you incorporate self-care into your daily routine? Please let me know in the comments below.