Want to Improve Your Pinterest Profile?

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    Improve Your Pinterest Profile

    Have you been dabbling on Pinterest but not sure how to get more eyes on your profile? Well here are nine easy ways to improve your Pinterest Profile in minutes, so that you get more quality followers and increase your monthly clicks to your website.

    So all your hard work with blogging can be seen and shared!

    1. Board Name

    The board name is the first place you can put a keyword into the board profile.

    Make the description of the board simple and something that people would search.

    If in doubt, use the Pinterest search bar, and you can search for boards under the dropdown to see what other boards are similar to what you are looking for.

    They are in popularity order too, so it makes it super helpful to see what other people are searching.

    9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Profile

    2. Board Categories

    All boards have categories, and these need to be correctly selected in the drop-down when you edit the board details.

    So, for example, my Pinterest tips board, I have it under Technology.

    But, have a look through the list and see which is the best category for your board.

    9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Profile

    3. Board Description – Use Keywords

    For every board that you have on Pinterest, you MUST, MUST, MUST fill out the description.

    Board descriptions is a great place to get your keywords into so that Pinterest knows what it’s about and shares to others in your niche, or for those that are searching for that keyword.

    Therefore, if you are a financial blogger, one of your boards could be about Financial Freedom and the description would include how to become financially free, with tips and ideas on how to budget and ways to save.

    9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Profile

    4. “Best of” board

    As a content creator, you should have a board dedicated only to your content.

    Your “Best of” will be the first board space so that visitors to your profile will see it straight away.

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    5. Board Cover

    If you have a brand colour theme running through your website, Instagram and Facebook, etc., you can quickly get this in Pinterest too.

    A lot of people design board covers, but although they are pretty, I feel this is a waste of time, and you can get the same effect by using pins that echo your colour theme.

    To select or change a cover, click the change button next to Cover, then you can scroll through the pins that you have in your board and choose the best one.

    You can also move the pin about to get in the right position, as sometimes it can cut some words off, as it’s only a small box that shows (340 x 340px).

    9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Profile

    6. Secret Boards (Hide personal boards or those not relevant to your niche)

    If you’ve changed your account into a business account, then sometimes the boards you initially set up are not in keeping with your brand and what you promote.

    So instead of deleting your board (which I recommend that you never delete boards). Make them secret.

    So, if you are a financial blogger, you wouldn’t want a board that was on something personal to you, such as crocheting, for instance.

    To hide a board is straightforward:

    1. Select the board you want to hide
    2. go into the edit board settings
    3. click the visibility settings to hide the board
    4. press save

    Voilà a secret board, which will then only be seen by you at the bottom of your board lists.

    So, you will still be able to add pins to it, but it will not show up on your profile when visitors look through your boards.

    7. Select featured boards

    When you first enter your profile page on Pinterest under the row of options Overview, boards, etc., you have set up a featured boards section.

    To set this up, go into your settings (the three dots at the top right-hand corner of the page)

    Go to edit profile, scroll to the bottom, and you can edit the board/boards you would like to feature.

    You are allowed up to 5 featured board, which will then scroll through each board on your profile.

    The most important board you need to feature is your “Best Of” board, so it will be front and centre when you have visitors to your profile.

    9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Profile

    8. Update cover images

    On your profile page at the top, you can change the boards that show up.

    So, if you click on the edit icon on the top right-hand corner, you can either select a featured board and if you have a lot of content in your  “best of” board, I would suggest you use that one.

    Especially if you use your board, you can keep the colour scheme of your brand.

    Or the other selection is Featured Pins: either latest pins or recent activity.

    9. Profile Name

    The last one in the list is your profile name, make sure you have a keyword or two in your name so that it will show up in searches.

    You can see what I have done with my name by using Peak Your Pin | Virtual Assistant.

    It would have been much better to have added Pinterest to the Virtual Assistant part, but sadly Pinterest has stopped you using their name in your profile, hence why Peak Your Pin and not Peak Your Pinterest, but hey ho.


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