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How to Use Pinterest as a Wedding Photographer

Are you using Pinterest as a Wedding Photographer?  If not, you are leaving money on the table as everyday people are searching for ideas to plan for their wedding.

Weddings on Pinterest

As of October ‘20, there are globally 416 million monthly active users on Pinterest and weddings are a huge deal on the platform!

According to Pinterest internal data, US, Search Data, June 2019 – June 2020 3 billion wedding ideas were saved and 821 Million related wedding searches and peak advertising opportunities are year-round, compared to other seasonal searches.

So you will have opportunities to get seen and attract your ideal clients year-round!

Why You need to use Pinterest as a Wedding Photographer

So why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine (not a social media platform) and as such your images will be perfect for those searching for wedding ideas and planning on hiring professionals for their upcoming nuptials.

Plus compared to platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, your content will last weeks if not years on Pinterest!.  

Also, Pinterest is all about “Fresh” content which is content that is new and not been seen on Pinterest before.

The first thing you need to do is to convert your Pinterest account into a business account where you can confirm your domain which will allow pinners and hopefully, future clients lead back to your website.

Pinterest prefers vertical images and the ratio of 2:3, and the preferred size I use for my client’s images is 1000x1500px.  This is a great size to show off your skills as an amazing wedding photographer, and if you create video’s too then wow! These are being used more and more, and Pinterest is actively recommending this, therefore they will be seen higher up on the search list too.

You will also want to use your brand colours and logo/website details and for context, some text overlay as Pinterest is very clever and can read the content as well as images and will assign a confidence score, so the higher the score the higher up the search algorithm it will go. 


Pinterest Keywords

This can be a time-consuming part of the Pinterest strategy, but one you will regret if you don’t do take the time to do the research!

Hopefully, you will know who your ideal client is and what she is looking for, any pain points you can help with, what services do you offer? are you location-based? as the location is a big keyword too.

Once you have worked out who your ideal client is, it will be easier to find the keywords that will appeal to her and her wedding style and use the Pinterest search bar to generate the keywords that you will use in all of your marketing materials.

How to Use Pinterest as a Wedding Photographer

This way you can add these longtail keywords into your pin description, board titles, board description so Pinterest will showcase your images before others if they see the right keywords are being used.

If you don’t use keywords, it will be difficult to rank highly in the Pinterest search algorithm and we all want to work with the algorithm and not against it.

I recommend recording these keywords in a spreadsheet such as Google Sheets or an Xcel sheet, that way you can keep track of what you are using and how they are doing.



This is one area that I highly recommend utilizing if you are a Wedding Photographer.

Creating blog content for your bride is a perfect way to showcase your photography skills, as well as deal with any pain points they may have or questions you receive from clients.

As well as using those important keywords speckled throughout the body text in your blog post, image alt text and not forgetting the URL description which will help with Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization juice) and Pinterest SEO, so you will rank highly on both search engines.

This is also a good place to have a CTA (Call To Action) to get them to contact you to book your services.

Optimised boards ideas 

Once you’ve done your keyword research, I recommend that you start with creating 10 Pinterest boards, that use the keywords that you have found in your research.

Some ideas to get you started is:

  • Wedding dresses
  • wedding ideas
  • wedding hairstyles
  • wedding decorations
  • wedding rings
  • wedding cakes
  • fall wedding
  • boho wedding
  • wedding centrepieces
  • elopement ideas

Also, location-based boards work well if you tend to do wedding shoots in a particular location such as:

  • london wedding photography
  • london wedding
  • london wedding theme
  • london wedding venues
  • london elopement weddings

Make sure you use these keywords in the board title and board description, a lot of people make the mistake of not filling out the board description, but you miss the opportunity to get the keywords that you want to be found with.

Tailwind tribes boards

Tailwind Tribes in my opinion a better option than Pinterest groups as you can keep an eye on the insights within the Tailwind app and see which is working for you or not, and change group accordingly.

With the Tailwind Plus subscription, you get 5 Tribes as part of the plan, so I have suggested a few tribes below that you can look into and see what is a good fit for you and your business, these currently have good activity levels as some tribes have been set up and not carried on with, which is the one’s you want to avoid.

If you can’t see a group you like the look of you can create your own group, which doesn’t go against your 5 tribe board limit – bonus!

Wedding tribes:



How to Use Pinterest as a Wedding Photographer