Pinterest Power Audit

Pinterest Power Audit

This Package is for you if you are a blogger, online service providers such as a coach or an online course creator and not getting the traction that you hoped for?

📌  Do you want to have a personalised Pinterest strategy that works with your lifestyle/time available?

📌  Do you want to know what Pinterest groups or Tailwind tribes are working for you?

📌  Do you want to know if your boards are set up correctly?

You will receive an in-depth PDF review of your account, which you will be able to action straight away.

What’s Included

Pinterest Audit:

  • Analyze up to 30 total boards (personal or group) + 15 Tailwind Tribes
  • Review Pinterest business account and make updates
  • Properly SEO account name and bio
  • Properly SEO board names and descriptions
  • Confirm existing boards are relevant to the client’s niche/industry
  • Create niche-specific personal boards (with properly SEO’d titles and descriptions)
  • Analyze group board performance to find if any are poorly performing

Tailwind Audit:

  • Review Weekly Summary
  • Review Insights
  • Review pinning schedule
  • Analyze how Boards Lists are set up and restructure if needed
  • Leave broad or off-brand Tribes
  • Analyze the performance of Tribes to find if any are poorly performing
  • Locate and apply to new niche-specific Tribes if possible

Investment: One Time Fee £250

Kind Words...

Since Paula has managed my Pinterest account, I have seen an increase in social traffic to my website of 140% and it accounts for 69.6% of the total traffic to my website.  As a result, I have had more sales and discovery calls booked for my coaching service.

I had a website that wasn't getting a lot of traffic by SEO or social media. I knew Pinterest could be a really good way to direct traffic, I had tried to use it previously and had done a short course, so I kind of got the basics but I just didn't have the time to do it, think about keywords, or analyse what was working and what wasn't.

Paula has an incredible understanding of its inner workings and she understood my business niche in well being, which was a huge bonus as all I had to do was send her my blog, podcast and product information and away she went. I could literally leave her to it and her communication system is fantastic and didn't clog my inbox.

Initially, I thought it wasn't a cost I could justify, but it was an incredible investment and the results have far exceeded my outlay.

Kat Stevens

Fertility Coach, Fertility Rewire